It’s Leah…


“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.”

Elizabeth Gilbert


I am...

  • A nature lover.

  • A creativity junky.

  • A dog lover.

  • An avid uninhibited dancer.

  • An intuitive and inspired word artist.

  • A lover of all things shiny and glittery.

  • A tarot deck enthusiast and amateur reader.

  • An essential oil slatherer.

  • A believer in the mind, body and spirit connection.

  • A self-love freak.

  • An auditory and kin-aesthetic learner.

  • A total beach and marine life lover.

  • A novice gardener.

  • An orchid, succulent and air plant nurturer.

  • A fear facing, risk taking fem-preneur on a mission to help others find their spark!

My background...

  • I grew up in West Virginia where my love of nature formed at an early age.

  • I now live with my husband, Ivan, who is a Pilates instructor and our hound mix rescue, Mia.

  • I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from West Virginia University.

  • I completed training in expressive arts, narrative therapy, mindfulness based practices and cognitive behavioral therapy-- all of which help guide me in my work with clients in a non-clinical way.

  • I earned my master's in Expressive Arts Therapies and Mental Health Counseling for Lesley University.

  • I love and have studied the psychology of color, decorating and styling.

  • I hold a certificate of completion from Delta Gardens in Flower Essences

I am OBSESSED with helping people live a life where their innate creativity and intuition drive a life they absolutely ADORE! My friends often affectionately tease me that when I'm really diggin' something I can't shut up about it, and it's true. I love sharing what's been helpful for me in my life, and inspiring others.

It may be hard to believe it when you look at this site, but I spent years of my life very depressed, repressed and an anxious mess. I don't look at those years of my life as regretful or shameful. I think they were a catalyst for inspired action and I am grateful for all that I learned. While I am a great cheerleader I also understand the darkest of times. We all have our moments of internal turmoil and deep struggle. That's part of being human.

And, I also believe that part of being human is learning how to crawl our way out and find our passion and love for life again. Watching people connect with their morals, values, and intuition and then realign their life with these is such an amazing blessing. It's so neat to see someone tap into their creative life force and begin to shine their light into the world.

We are social beings regardless if we are extroverts or introverts. We crave connection, and each of us craves it a bit differently. This is why having an unbiased support, such as a coach or a therapist, in our lives can be important especially during times of intense growth, change and vulnerability.

I am a firm believer that we are ALL a work in progress-- A glorious fiery mess of emotions, intelligence and soul-felt energy. Life is about the journey, not the final product (although those are wonderful too), and we are meant to find our purpose, our "why", and act on it. The resiliency of the human spirit is incredible!