Creating a Vision Board

Happy New Year!!

Are you looking for a creative way to capture your vision for the new year?

Want an easy way to literally wake up every morning and picture your dreams?

Vision boards work so well for meditation, manifestation work and general connection to your goals.

Here are some quick steps to get you started:

1. Daydream and set your intentions- what do you want, what do you value, what are your rules for your career/family/life- most importantly, make sure to add how this will make you feel. Write it out.
2. Get supplies for your board. Thick cork board and tacks or a poster board and glue. You'll also need magazines, markers, colorful pens, etc.
3. Create a sacred space. Put on soothing/uplifting music, make sure you are distraction free and give yourself at least a good half hour.
4. Choose words or pictures that resonate with your intentions. Cut them out, and begin to organize them on your board. Wait to glue them down until you have them all and have them positioned in a way that flows for you.
5. Glue those babies down! This part always makes it feel very real for me. Now they are set in stone (or glue)!
6. Place your board somewhere you can sit with it for at 5 least minutes every morning. I have an image of my vision board set as the background of my computer! This way I see it multiple times a day.

These next two steps are SUPER important...

7. Start writing down a list of all the things you can try to make your vision a reality. As you sit with your board each morning new things will come to you. Take time to write them down as they begin to come up for you.

8. Work on the fears as they arise- this is where you may need some help. You may want to seek the support of a therapist or a life coach. Fear will hold you back, so don't let that get in your way.

9. Remember that you only fail if you decide to stop dreaming- give yourself loose deadlines and keep your eye on the prize!

Enjoy the color and depth your vision board provides you throughout 2018!

Leah ConstantzComment