The Power of Replacing "But" with "And"

The Power of Replacing “But” with “And”


How many times have you said something like, “I know this, but…”?  

Or how about, “I feel sad, but…”?

We commonly use this language in our everyday life. I used to use the word “but” constantly until about a year ago when someone mentioned to me the power of replacing the word “but” with “and”.

At first I was taken back- how could changing one minor word in my daily vocabulary change my outlook on life and myself?!

Little did I know the explanation was a powerful and a potent potion for abundance and integration in all aspects of myself. This person explained to me that when we use the word “but” we are negating what we said before the word- insinuating that it didn’t matter or was void.

So, I began to practice replacing "but" with “and”, and this simple change created a huge shift in my life.

My sentences started to sound like, “I feel sad AND relieved.” Or, I feel bored AND stressed.”

I started to feel like I could be, feel, think many things at once- all things that are a part of me and maybe contradictory- and that is okay. Quite simply, it helped me to accept all these aspects of myself. It helped me be able to look at the full picture of what was going on…

Why was I feeling bored AND stressed?! Well, because I was doing tedious tasks that were boring, and were not a strength of mine, so they were mindlessly challenging for me. Insert aha moment here!

“Aha moments” became more common, and I began to feel more like my complete self.

I also began thinking about my responses to those in my life. How must my friends, family and clients feel when I say, “Yes, but…” So, I also started saying “Yes, and…” to them as well. I do think this has really strengthened my relationships with them. It tells them that I accept all of them, that they can be all of this at once, there’s a reason and that it is okay.

So, I encourage you to begin to replace “but” with “and” and see what shifts this has in your own life!

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