Creative Alignment Coaching

Find Your Inner Creative


Do you...

  • Think you're not creative? 
  • Love watching others create and wonder "what if"?
  • Have trouble making the first mark and taking the first steps?
  • Struggle to create a plan because you just don't know where to begin?
  • Feel out of alignment with your values?
  • Find you are drawn to spiritual principles and holistic wellness?
  • Feel vulnerable and exposed with your next moves?
  • Appreciate mindfulness and aren't sure how to incorporate it more?
  • Think a blend of spirituality and science would be ideal for you?
  • Need an unbiased person by your side as you take new risks?

I'm here! 

Early on I realized that things like essential oils, aligned nourishment, ambient music and figuring out my limiting beliefs were key to growth and balance. They were also key to viewing my life as a canvas and beginning to create my masterpiece.

Creativity flows when we are in alignment with who were are, what we believe and our "why". You do not need to want to be a professional artist to benefit from creative energy. Creativity helps us in SO many ways... it helps us connect with others, build a business, radiate new life into our current work, etc.

If working through your limiting beliefs, creating new affirmations, manifesting the ever loving $&%@ out of your dreams and finding things to support your self-care through this process feels like exactly what you need then you're in the right place. 


Four 1-Hour Sessions Package- $1500 (includes contact between sessions)

**Sessions can be arranged in person (if you are local) or by audio or video software, such as Skype, Facebook Video/Audio

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Creative Alignment Coaching at