Intuitive Energy Work

and Readings


“I loved my energy work session with Leah! I went in totally open, and with the intentions to remove some fear blocks as well as physical tension in my body. During our time I felt really relaxed and calm. Leah provided some amazing imagery & insights that felt really on point with things going on internally & externally for me. I will continue to use the beautiful visions she shared to keep bringing myself back to that state of calm & confidence. Highly recommend working with this talented woman!”

Sonya Highfield of Real World Creatives


If you are someone who has been wanting to experience the benefits of energy work, receive messages from spirit, connect with spirit guides, get “prescriptions” from the universe and leave feeling relax and connected to your inner healing capacities… this is for you!

Although I am a Reiki Master, my energy work practice is specifically expanded to help you receive spiritual messages and leave time to process what comes up within session. I receive intuitive guidance from spirit in lots of ways. In session with you I may connect with passed loved ones, your spirit guides, aura colors, chakra imbalances, physical symptoms, symbols and images. I also use the element of air quite a bit in my energy work with people, so I utilize breath work to help me move energy through your system.

I begin sessions by doing a full scan, understanding where you may be having some difficulties in your energy bodies, then I work on moving or removing what does not serve you and then filling you up with loving light. Towards the end I gather messages for you and spirit prescriptions, which I’ll share with you at the end of our time together. A recent example of a spirit prescription I received in session with a client was for them to continue drinking mint tea. When I shared this with my client I found out she was already doing so and spirit was like “Yes, it’s so good for you! Keep it up!” I love when I hear my clients are already in tune with divine guidance and may just not realize it!

If you’re interested in booking an energy work session with me, please email me at so we can set something up either in person or virtually via Zoom. One nice thing about Zoom is that sessions can be recorded for you and emailed to you for your viewing pleasure.

Intuitive Energy Work Session and Reading (1 hour): $100

I also have a 1 spot open for sliding scale per month for those who are genuinely in need of a reduced rate. If you’re interested in this spot, please specify in this in your email and we can discuss further.