Intuitive Arts

Art from the Heart


“I’ve been getting some serious downloads form your artwork. She is unleashing tons of codes every morning! What were you going through when you created her?! I will be using her in upcoming ceremonies.”

Lisa Erickson . Migraine Magick


Creativity is my constant…

Art connects us on a visceral level-- it breaks cultural barriers and is a complex expression of who we are, and what is in the eye of the beholder. 

Expression through art and writing has always been a wonderful way for me to process life's ups and downs. 

I use a unique process to tap into my intuition from which I create. Instead of titles, I give my pieces an inspirational message for the viewer to hold on to and meditate on when needed.

These pieces make great gifts for anyone needing a pick me up.

You can find my newest items for sale in my shop. 

Questions? Commissions?

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