High Vibe Spaces

Vibrant Space, Vibrant You


Are you…

  • In need of fixing up a space?
  • Eager to make it feel like you?
  • Looking for a functional beautiful welcoming aesthetic?
  • Wanting to illicit a certain feeling/response from people who enter your space?

I'm on it!

I enjoy looking for new ways to use what my clients already have on hand- maybe this means painting items or utilizing it differently. And, then incorporating new and/or found items as needed. 

I find it important to think of functionality, color scheme, emotion and energy of the space. I will send you a google form to fill out, which will help us work together in configuring your new digs!


$150 per one hour

**Only available for local individuals, because I really need to be in the space to feel it's vibe and do my best work with you.