Flower Power

Flower Essences Sessions

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Flower Essences Consultations and sessions

Flower essences are a gentle yet powerful way initiate your body, mind and spirit in a healing response.

Flower essences can be used to help with dis-ease such as Lyme’s, parasites and infection, emotional trauma release, mindset work and spiritual development.

One of the things that I love about flower essences for emotional healing is that they will not numb your feelings- they simply present a different way for your system to perceive, deal and respond to your experience.

Flower essences are also safe to use with pharmaceutical medications, so there’s no concern for negative interactions.

It is recommended that new clients commit to 3 session including the initial consultation as each session builds on one another.

If you’re interested, please email me to schedule a consultation.

Initial Consultation (1.5 hours): $150 per session (includes intake, history, formulation and your first tincture)

Follow-up Sessions (1 hour): $100 per session (includes follow-up from last session and tincture)

**Flower essences are typically preserved in Brandy, so if you are abstaining from alcohol one option is to ingest them through your skin by placing drops on the inside of your wrist. There are also some essences I can make with Apple Cider Vinegar as preservative instead.